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Walking Around Level 4 of Taylor’s University Library

I was doing some group discussion on an assignment in the library for few hours then I got bored. It’s not nice to stick an ass on the chair for few hours without moving around. Because of boredness, I took out my little handy Panasonic Lumix LX5 to go shoot around. I guess I’ll let the photos speak for now.

It was evening time, nearing to sunset and there’s still many people in the library. Library is always a very cold place with very low temperature, moving around could warm me up a little bit too.

I think the best part of Taylor’s University is the resources archive, the library because it has a very big collection of books for me to do reference. There’s no way that I can afford those design’s reference book.

Another thing is I like the Internet, spending time in the library downloading huge files with the blazing fast Internet. =D Yum yum.

And I’m writing this post from the library. =)

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