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Overnight at Taylor’s Study Room 24/7 for IBS Project

Wesley Low and Low Jia Hui.

Till now, I still haven’t try not sleeping for whole night and continue work for another day. Seriously, the minimum hour I slept in my life is 30 minutes, which is 2 days ago. =D But the feeling and the fun of doing the work together till late was fun, for that day only.

Kevin To of Vietnam. Blur look.

Interior Behaviour Study and Malaysian Studies, two project due at the same time and our last minute worms in our body made us stayed up in the campus’ 24/7 study room for the whole night, accompany by cold air-con, Internet, Red Bull, quietness and sleepyness.

Wanyi and Steve.

I was there from 7pm until 730am the next morning, oh yeah. Cutting, writing, pasting, modelling, idea-ing, that’s what I did.

People told me that Red Bull can help us stay awake and it’s indeed true, and the drinks is delicious too, but it’s only functioned for about 2-3 hours for me. Haha. I still felt tired and sleepy after having one in the midnight. Food from the vending machine accompanied me too.

Arvin in the background, looking sleepy.

By the time I went back home to freshen up, it’s 7.00am where sun was already rising. I took a short sleep for half an hour then I went back to school for lecture and presentation.


The road started to jam early in the morning, now I only knew about that as I thought that road was supposed to be smooth in the morning. Haha.

=) Work of Arvin, Kevin and Nicholas.




Later that morning, I had two presentation, one for Malaysian Studies and another for Interior Behaviour Studies, did good, and still power. But my battery went low in the afternoon went I lied on the bed, straight away slept till night and felt reborn after that. Haha.

I personally feel that works and assignments are good because I paid a big amount to study, I don’t want to pay for nothing. =) But not too over assignments, lah. Haha.


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