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Meet-Up With Penang’s Friends At Sunway Pyramid McDonald’s

Happy birthday to Chun Khai, the person in the photo below. He received a Fillet O Fish birthday cake with a candle stick on top. =D Haha.

Two weeks back, Min Xiang, a friend from Penang called me that he came to KL to play and shopping then ask me to meet him up at the Sunway Pyramid near to me. Since it’s so near to me, I went to find them. It’s so nice seeing people from the same hometown.

I met two new people, Chun Khai, the birthday boy and Theng Theng, who was already a friend in Plurk but only met that day.

Well, adapting to this place is not my favor thing, I think this is a awesome place, with some awesome people too, and awesome shopping malls, happenings and stuff, but then you know, home is still a home, we have to go back to our home because it’s the place where we grow up. I want to make my hometown a better place to live so I am so hommie. Penang rocks.

Jocelyn, me and Kah Sing.

We spent time walking in Sunway Pyramid and talking at McDonald’s, actually walking around shopping malls is a good thing to do to past time, window shopping takes a long time, it’s fun and it doesn’t require any money too. The time pass even faster if the mall is huge and you walk slowly, that’s what we did.

However we had too much time at there and we didn’t know where to go, end up sitting in McDonald’s, playing Fruit Ninja.

Min Xiang, me, Theng Theng and Chun Khai.


End up the high score of Fruit Ninja on my iPhone and iPad got pwned by them. Really very pro. Haha.

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