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Short Tour of Penang National Park with NS Friends

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2 weeks ago, on a Sunday, it’s also the third day of a Penang trip with friends from NS (PLKN), some went home and some were still in Penang and so I brought them to National Park to take a short walk and lookaround.

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Do you know that Penang has a National Park and it’s the smallest in Malaysia? Many people still don’t now. =D It’s at Teluk Bahang following the trail in National Park will lead you to Pantai Kerachut, Muka Head and Monkey Beach, the 3 main attractions there.

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We registered ourselves at the counter and started walking into the park. We just walked a little bit to the beach only because we were not prepared for hiking trail, it’s just show them there’s a national park in Penang. ^.^

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Tzou Xiong.

There’s Sumay and me from Penang island, Khang, Chuan and Weng from Penang mainland, Tzou Xiong from Perak and Tracy and Will from Pangkor Island . =D

2010-06-14 Penang Trip by nicholaschan

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It’s low tide so we could go down the beach at there. The beach was not pretty because there’s no ivory soft golden sand. It’s hard.

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It’s pretty warm at that time, close to sunset, but it’s still fun.

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Sumay and Tracy.

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Before I go to KL to study, I want to go Monkey Beach once. This place is fun!

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