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604 Outing With The Girls

IMG_2313 by nicholaschan.
Wan Theng and Shan Shan.

4 of June, Wantheng asked me out for a movie, the movie was Nightmare On Elmstreet and it was pretty old movie by then because it’s already started screening in the cinema for like few weeks ago. Since it had been quite a long time didn’t meet her already and I was so free, so went out together to the cinema. There’s Wan Theng, Shan Shan, Jia Ying, Chai Wei, Priscilla and her friend Man Yin, 4 out of 6 were tuition friends, and the other two were friend’s friend.

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Movie was at Prangin Mall’s Cathay Cineplex. Still remember last time during high school, I always go there to watch movie after school, or go there to watch above 18 movie because there’s no check. It was last time and now, Cathay Cineplex is like a last resort to me, because I still prefer GSC afterall.

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After that was meal at Shua Shua Le, also a restaurant that I would normally go after school last time. Now seldom go because I seldom or not take the public bus already. Because last time come back from school by public bus, the bus will stop at Prangin Mall, then I have to make an interchange to other bus to go home. So while making the change, will go to the mall to eat and movie first before going home. Pretty fun. High school rocks.

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Wan Theng, Chai Wei, Shan Shan, Jia Ying.

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Shan Shan said, “Happy 604!”.

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