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Last Thursday In Taylor’s University

Thursday is both nice and not-so-nice day because Thursday is near to weekend, so it’s nice, but on the other hand, it’s a tiring day as my class started early in the morning till late evening. And all the classes are in a continuous manner with just a little break in between for lunch.

I am getting myself to suit with the parking system at Taylor’s University. Ever since Taylor’s University started collect RM3 for the parking at the basement and the one nearer to the campus, I have to park my car at the so-called “Taylor’s Rocky Parking Area” which you can see in photo above. Every time I reached school, the whole parking area is almost full and I have to park until the end of the parking area, which is about 500-700m walking distance? It’s good to walk in the morning, but imagine rain and Sunny afternoon. Why don’t they just built a sheltered walkway for students. What a noob management of the school that is being inconsiderate.


First class of the day is the CAD (Computer Aided Design) class which I am learning about AutoCAD. I love functioning and playing with the computer, but so far, nothing much powerful have been learned. The lecturer is being slow at the moment. Hmm. I need some speed up to learn something more powerful. Catching up news and Facebook are something I would do during the CAD class, I believe everyone too. =D


Later then is the boring Moral Education class, which is a compulsory subject for the Malaysian students. What’s wrong with the Ministry Of Education? We have done 11 years of moral education, and now we are doing it again in college/university. One of our project for this Moral Education is to do a total 16 hours of community service. Sounds cool. Though, I have no idea where to service in Petaling Jaya / Klang Valley, any recommendation?


Sad that this class has not many people, that’s not so fun as I couldn’t meet some new friends from other courses. I wish I have module that mix with other courses, but too bad, there’s none for me. It’s not to the point of real university style yet. My course is just like high school, where my class is still the same, my class until graduate.


Lunch was really suck as I had no appetite that noon and nothing at the Recezz food court amaze me. Everything is just so-so, even the Curry Chicken Noodle that I once like went lousy already. Sigh. Things get bored when there’s no pork, seriously. It’s so halal. However, I have a recent like that are the I Love Yoo porridge and the Yong Tau Fu with rice in my campus. =D



Drop by the library for a while to print some stuff. The school still haven’t credit me the printing money for this semester! &%$#%*(## Damn, it’d been half a month since new semester started. I need my money to print!


Had my Design Studio class at a room called the Print Room. No idea what that means by it’s my first time attending class at such nice room with an awesome view of the lake. I believe the room belongs to the Graphic Design student. No idea why were we there.

Anna, Nita and Arowa. All foreigner, one from Belarus, one from Indonesia, one from Saudi Arabia.

The class was rather OK for that day as nothing much I have done for the hotel room design. First project of the semester is designing a Royal Thai Style VIP Suite. It’s pretty challenging for me as Thai style is very complicated and I am a minimalist, modernistic person. Haha.

Instax Mini 25! Brought it to school to shoot shoot. Though, nothing much to shoot. Haha.

Class ended a little bit earlier and so, me, Wesley and Jia Hui went to the lakeside for a seat to pass time and enjoy the breeze and view. Suddenly feel that the school was so relaxing and good, too bad this is Malaysia, and it is warm and humid. Lakeside relaxing is only fun when it’s near to evening and after a rain, or perhaps a cloudy day.


The weather was nice that day and it rain later when I attended another class called the Building Construction class. Later that night, I went to watch movie and tour the night market. What a tiring Thursday. Haha.



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