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Random Walkaround At Bukit Bintang Area

Best place in Kuala Lumpur.

After residing here for a year in Klang Valley, I realised that life outside the city – the place I am staying and studying isn’t really fun when compare to the city. Klang Valley is just another normal metropolitan city, with the downtown Kuala Lumpur is fun.

I wonder why there’s no beautiful and quality university campuses located right downtown. It would be really great if there is. Haha. Life, fun and study must blends well, with a well and healthy city life. Sunway area is pretty boring for me, all the building looks the same with no colour, it’s isn’t anywhere close to the city where beautifully designed skyscrapers are.

New Apple shop is coming to town, hidden opposite of Low Yat Plaza.

Even though the skyline of Kuala Lumpur is beautiful, when comparing to my hometown Penang, I still greatly like Penang more because of the colours, the people, and the old heritage city. That’s something Kuala Lumpur doesn’t have.

I still prefer Chatime and Gong Cha despite many awesome bubble tea out there.

Penang is colourful with the old colonial styles houses, blends with a little bit of modern shopping malls and buildings. With low skyline, you can see a colourful red tiles roof. Another thing that I fancy Penang is the close-nest to the sea, water, and greens. Kuala Lumpur is just a concrete jungle within a valley with no sea but a little but of greens. That’s the biggest dislike, the nearest sea needs about 45 minutes trip, a beautiful beach needs about 1.5 hours of drive. When in Penang, beach, sea and nature are so near.

Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia!

Anyway, home will be the best place to be after study.

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