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Muda House At Muda Lane, Penang

During the Georgetown Festival that happened last month,  I found a nice heritage shop houses call the Muda House, which the name derived from the street name – Muda Lane. It’s just somewhere near to the famous Kuan Yin Temple and it’s a good visit.

I was actually walking around town with Hueisean for fun in conjunction with the Georgetown Festival and accidentally found out this light blue painted colonial shop houses. With much curiosity, we went in to the Muda House check it out what it is all about. It’s actually like a mini museum, selling heritage stuff, souvenirs, coffee and antiques.


They are also a charity house which they collect funds to help stray dogs and animals. How kind are them?


You can find antiques stuff there too for your home decoration.

Check out their website for more information. A nice and relaxing place that should not be miss.



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