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How to read Chinese in

How to read Chinese in – is a great Chinese P2P video streaming program, there’s so much show to watch on demand, from Chinese show to American show to Japanese show and more. It’s fast and it’s clear but it’s a Chinese program.

How to read Chinese in

A lot of friends have been asking me why they can’t read the word in program, it shows up as square square in the left sidebar. At first I got this problem too, after searching around the Internet, I still got no solution, so I went to mess around with the setting and finally I got it works.

Fullscreen capture 6162009 102253 PM.bmp by nicholaschan.

It works the same on Vista and XP. Go to the Control Panel and look for Regional Language Setting.

Fullscreen capture 6162009 102232 PM.bmp by nicholaschan.

There’s 4 tab on Vista and 3 tabs on XP in this window. Go to the last tab, then change the Language for non-Unicode program to Chinese (PRC). Restart your computer and you are ready to watch your favourite show now.

Good luck.

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