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How To Get Facebook Timeline Now

How To Get Facebook Timeline Now

How To Get Facebook Timeline Now – Facebook just announced a new profile page that is coming soon at the recent Facebook F8 Developer Conference and Mark Zukerberg called it the Facebook Timeline. It has not release yet and no open beta for normal user to try out, however if you have a developer account using Open Graph API, you will be able to try it out first.

It will be available soon for normal user but if you really want to try out, you can join the developer program too and get your hands on the new Facebook Timeline profile.

Follow the steps below and you will be in the new Facebook in no time.

1. Go to Facebook Developer page, you can click here or type “developer” in your Facebook search bar then enable it for your account.

2. At the Apps page, click on Create New App that we are going to make an app but with no functionality just for trying the new Facebook Timeline.

3. Type your name or whatever name you want to name for your app at both blank. Please type normal case for App Display Name and small case for App Namespace.

5. After creating your app, you will be taken to the Open Graph page (if not, you can click Edit App then navigate to Open Graph). Then, define an action for your app, just simply type a verb and noun, just like mine “find (a) job”. Follow the on screen instruction, click Continue and Continue until you are done.

6. Finally when you are done, go back to your Facebook main page, and you will get an invitation for you to try out the new Facebook Timeline.

Enjoy. Only people with Facebook Timeline activated can be view your Timeline profile. Pretty right?

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