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Facebook Timeline – The New Facebook Profile

Facebook Timeline - The New Facebook Profile

Facebook Timeline – The New Facebook Profile – In the previous post, I wrote about How To Get Facebook Timeline. Now I would like to tell you what is this Timeline all about. Just yesterday at Facebook F8 Developer Conference, Mark Zukerberg announced several new features for the Facebook, one of which is the Facebook Timeline profile.

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Timeline is the new Facebook profile that tell the story of your life in a timeline view. It’s a complete redesign of the current profile page, with your wall posts and updates posted side by side down to the screen. It’s easier to find older post than before that you can just click on the month or year of the post you want to look.

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It’s something that you can record your memory or just like your historical scrapbook. You share your photos, or even do more with Apps like you can share the songs you are listening, the movie you are watching, a book that you are reading or even your running tracks.


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Everything become more social. The interface is really cool with a featured cover photo at the top which you can change anytime. The cover photo is for you to show the people who you really are, like showing your favourite traveling photo, put a delicious food photo to show that you like to eat, a huge profile picture of you or anything you just like.


The interface is nice, somehow privacy get exposed as people can stalk and read about you easily. So hopefully Facebook will do something to protect the privacy of the user too. Do tell me what you think in the comment.

If you want to activate the new Timeline feature, check out this post.

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