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Big Big Cursor Stylus For Your iPad


Big Big Cursor Stylus For Your iPad – I found a very cool thing for your iPad 2. Instead of having a normal pen stylus, you can check out the Big Big Cursor stylus which looks pretty cute and cool for your iPad. It makes using iPad a new experience with the special big stylus which actually shaped like the mouse cursor on your computer screen.

Big Big Cursor Stylus For Your iPad

iPad actually built without the need of stylus, but then don’t you think with a stylus makes life easier using the iPad like drawing and taking notes?

Screen Shot 2011-09-14 at 4.17.52 PM

Well, you might think that it’s hard to bring around but you have no worry because it’s magnetic and sticks on your magnetic iPad 2 or you can just adhere it to the refrigerator as decorative purpose. No luck for old iPad 1 user like me.

Check it out <a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="!prettyPhotohere.

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