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Nice Durian Pancake By Sumptuous Desserts

It’s autumn, it’s September already and the super awesome durian seaon has finally over. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot eat durian right now, there’s still durian out there, it’s just that not many and the price is pretty expensive now, and you need to go around to find, it’s not as easy to find during durian season like there are stalls everywhere.

Nice Durian Pancake By Sumptuous Desserts

Recently, I came across with something call the durian pancake. I have heard about durian cake before but this is my first time encounter with durian pancake. I was invited by the co-founder of Sumptuous Desserts to try out their durian pancake at Sunway Pyramid. It’s located right behind the McDonald’s ice cream kiosk and I wonder why I didn’t notice about it every time I passed by last time.

Let’s check out the menu first and see the price and what interested you. =)

As you can see, they have quite a variety of pancake, mainly durian and cempedak, there’s also mango too, as well as special made cream puff which had been localized.


So, durian pancake is basically is a thin layer, very thin layer of pancake skin, wrapping the delicious yummy real durian cream with a bit of white cream. Sounds interesting right? But how it taste like and how is the texture and experience?

I want to share with you guys a very cool thing is that the texture, the feeling, the experience is just almost the same, 95% same like eating the real king of fruit – durian, just without the big seed. It tasted the same, with the sweet, strong odor yellow durian cream inside, a little bit mixture of white cream makes the durian pancake a fruitful experience for durian lover like me.

The durian pancake is best to serve right out of the fridge when it’s icy cold because it makes eating durian fun and chilling in a hot and tropical country of Malaysia.

A little cool information is that the durian cream is extrated from high quality D24 durian. In term of the content level, the pancake consist of 34g of real durian cream and 28g of white cream. Sounds yum yum right?

I did try cempadak pancake too, the cempadak taste was there but somehow I am more into the durian pancake.

Have you tried before?

Sumptuous Desserts

  • Level 1, behind McDonald’s Ice Cream Kiosk
  • The Gardens Mall (Lower Ground Floor, Opposite Eu Yan Sang)
  • Ikano Power Centre (Lower Ground Floor, Opposite Uncle Lim’s)
  • Sungei Wang Plaza (Concourse Level, Opposite McDonald’s)
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