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What I Think About 82nd Oscars

I woke up pretty early today, not very early, at 9am exactly, washed up, then lay my lazy ass on the comfy couch and turned the satellite TV to the channel broadcasting 82nd Annual Academy Awards, a.k.a. Oscars. This is my first time watching a LIVE telecast of Oscars and I am a fan of movie and film. I didn’t watch all the 10 nominated Best Motion Pictures, but have watched Avatar, District 9, The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Up and Up In The Air.

The event was so grand and I imagine myself, one day being at the event, as an invited guest or perhaps a behind-the-scene filmmaker? I’m dreaming definitely. Haha.


Well, the result is out. The Hurt Locker by top director, James Cameron’s ex wife Kathryn Bigelow had it big, won the Best Motion Pictures. IMO, I don’t like it, perhaps Oscars winning pictures are always like that? The film does has its special and arts, the blast and booms were nice, the story is special, the acting, but just it’s not an enjoyable one. Maybe because it’s about the US Army, it’s talking about patriotism? I don’t know.


Everyone was talking about Avatar, I don’t find it very interesting though, but I find it very AMAZING, it amazed me with the 3D, the music, the way of making and the animation. It does feel hollywood to me.


I like Inglourious Basterds, nice film, nice acting, hilarious and historical with lame fictional fact. This is also the film that made me know that who is Quentin Tarantino.


Up in the Air was boring to me, maybe I don’t know the way of enjoying it, but it’s nice being nominated.


District 9 was un-hollywood too. A documentary style film, could be a new style of making film and I find no reason disliking it.


Up, the animation was an art. I do feel the art, and the story was inspiring. I understand why it did not get the best film. =D

I didn’t watch the rest like An Education, A Serious Man, Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire, and The Blind Side. Gonna check it out soon when HD releases.

Another thing I would like to say, the most enjoyable film but was not nominated in 2009 is Star Trek.^^

Do you like The Hurt Locker?

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