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Kek Lok Si During Chinese New Year #1

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang most famous pagoda temple, also very famous with big big Kuan Yin statue in South East Asia, perhaps Asia. During the past 15 days of Chinese New Year, the temple was lighted up with lamps and LED at night. The only problem is that they only light it up during the Chinese New Year and not during normal day, no idea why and don’t like not lighting up during normal days.

IMG_6314 by nicholaschan.

Road towards Kek Lok Si temple was jam with cars going up to the temple every day for the past 2 weeks. I wanted to go there to take photos for a long time already, and I have got chance. Why Visit Number 1 because that I went up twice, this was my first time, with the Leo Club people and I was there late, so didn’t take many photos.

IMG_6309 by nicholaschan.

Stupid traffic jam made me stuck in the car for almost an hour. It’s really that crazy, the road is so narrow and we were hanging there. Reached the temple at around 10pm and it’s late already. Didn’t really have the mood to shoot and there’s too many people, I don’t like people without camera waiting me to take photos, because they will be just standing there looking at me with the tripod. So, I thought of going there the other day.

IMG_6359 by nicholaschan.

More over, due to time constrain, I can’t shoot the whole Kek Lok Si, every corner of it.

IMG_6364 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6360 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6344 by nicholaschan.
KOKahKOK, user of Canon EOS 400D.

IMG_6341 by nicholaschan.
Alvin Yang, user of Nikon D90.

IMG_6351 by nicholaschan.
Him Keat, no camera.

IMG_6352 by nicholaschan.
Lion Ong Lai, user of Canon EOS 500D.

IMG_6338 by nicholaschan.
Wallace, no camera.

IMG_6353 by nicholaschan.
Kenny, user of Canon EOS 400D, most powerful with 17-40 F4/L Lens.

The Leo Club people was Lion Ong Lai, Kok Sheng, Tze Yang, Tee Jin, Him Keat, Kenny and Wallace. Some were there early already, so they get to shoot more, and for me, who were late, only get to shoot a little.

IMG_6356 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6368 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6375 by nicholaschan.

We took the lift up to the Kuan Yin statue there, unfortunately, it’s late and we only get to go up but not down. Paid RM2 for it and met a long-time-no-see friend, Ah Leng.

IMG_6386 by nicholaschan.

Got up but didn’t get the chance to go near to the foot of Kuan Yin statue and when I wanted go up, they closed the lights already. OMG, that’s why, I planned to go there again on the other.

IMG_6392 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6400 by nicholaschan.

Although lights closed, we took some group shot before walking down to the car park, in the dark! Stay tune for the post of my next visit. =)

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