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My Open House during Tiger Chinese New Year

New Year, New Year, I am still talking about new year because there’s nothing much to talk already, my long holiday is coming to an end. That’s sad. I will be going to National Service on 28th March 2010, so please do miss me and don’t stop visiting my blog. ^^

Chinese New Year is always fun and is the best part of the year. It’s about food, money, gambling, friends, talking, traveling, and holidaying. Only dislike thing is, it’s traffic jam everywhere! Especially my place, near to a shopping mall and the sea. That sucks for me.

IMG_4145 by nicholaschan.
Met Phei Qin at Gurney.

IMG_4148 by nicholaschan.
Met Chen Yuen with Sher Reen. ^^

To make Chinese New Year even more fun, more happenings, friends came visit to my place. Obviously was to get ang bao from my beloved parents, but nevermind, it’s Chinese New Year, everyone’s happy. Hehe.

Ok, the two photos above were not about open house. It’s before open house where I went to Gurney Plaza for a walk, it’s too bored at home, lazy to go onto the Internet also and met some friends.

IMG_4156 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4159 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4160 by nicholaschan.

The first visit by friend wasn’t really open house, it’s just visit, but I’ll considered it as open house, because my house was open for visit and they came. Thanks all, the first visit was by the Leo Club juniors, shit, should not say junior because it makes me sound so old, they are all my Leo Club friends, the younger one. ^^ Check list, there’s Kenny, Kelvin, Amanda and Corrinne.

IMG_4165 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4166 by nicholaschan.
Corrinne, gambling queen. Look at the card, no point. LOL.

IMG_4168 by nicholaschan.
Kelvin Seow.

IMG_4172 by nicholaschan.
Kelvin with Amanda’s pose.

IMG_4206 by nicholaschan.
Cool brother, Yikhung.

Actually visits during Chinese New Year do simple thing only, gambling and talking.

IMG_4209 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4211 by nicholaschan.

Only a little attention paid on what’s showing on the television. It’s always, blackjack, blackjack, 7 point, 8 point. Chinese loves to gamble during CNY. I like winning money. XD

IMG_4227 by nicholaschan.

The next visit was on the next day. It’s very last minute where I asked my friend whether want to come over to my place or not. Parents had a real open house, with lots of food, drinks, beer and their friend.

IMG_4237 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4231 by nicholaschan.
These adults gamble very powerful, it’s tens and hundreds whereas us were like, cents and bucks.

IMG_4235 by nicholaschan.

The Chinese style of party. I don’t really know how to organize a party, the main reason is because I don’t really know how a party goes on, dance? food? talk? shout? scream? games? I am not that kind of person who think, but in my mind, I love party, I would like to go to and see how it’s like if there’s a chance. You see like in those American teenager film, their party is like so cool, so happenings.

IMG_4238 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4250 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4252 by nicholaschan.

It was Whitney’s birthday that day. Whitney is the daughter of my mom’s friend. They brought cake to our place, unfortunately, there’s no candle.

IMG_4265 by nicholaschan.
With Ker Ying and Sheue Yen.

IMG_4269 by nicholaschan.
Alvin Yang.

Alvin, Ker Ying, Sheue Yen, Wei Chung, Yong Chieh and Zheng Feng came over to my place late at night. Thanks people. Played cards again and won some money on the last round. Pretty fun!


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