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Wesley Low at Malaysian Studies of LT6, Taylor’s University

He is Wesley Low, my classmate, from Seremban and he is a mix Filipino and Chinese. He came to the Lecture Theater 6 or known as LT6 and found out that there’s no lecturer or student inside and he decided to be the lecturer, and give a lecture.

The only student or listener to Wesley’s lecture was Farah Izzati. She did concentrating-ly listened to him.

And another student Steve Pang came, and took photos of Wesley.

Hahaha. Very lame of me. Actually that day was Malaysian Studies class and you know I know everyone dislike Malaysian Studies, it’s not the subject sucks or lecturer sucks, it’s just that it’s a waste of time when we have already study related stuff during high school history and civic education, it’s all about Malaysian history, just that Malaysian Studies is the same stuff convert into English language. It’s just a waste of time, but then we still went. =D

That day was early but in fact almost time but no one was there except us, very weird, perhaps lazy people. Haha.

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