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To Pavilion with Arvin, Wanyi, Lai Quen, Zhi Inn, Connie and Nita

It’s a title full of names because I don’t know what title to write for this post already. Hahaha. Talking about the names, they are my classmate, school mate, friends in Kuala Lumpur. Tall, short, cute, kid, handsome, pretty, pro, fun, funny and noisy are the adjective describing them.

On don’t know which Friday, I think it’s the 2 Fridays ago, we went to Pavilion together by LRT. We are a bunch of kiam-siap (selfish) people that we parked our car at Taman Bahagia’s housing area because it’s free then walked to Taman Bahagia’s LRT station. Hahaha.

Actually my plan was go walk around Pavilion because it had been quite some time I didn’t go downtown and want to spend times with friends instead of just sitting in room, looking at the computer screen, then one of my subject require us to take photos of retail shop, so went to take photos too and also walk.

What a hot day that we alighted at KLCC station and walked to Pavilion. I actually like Pavilion more than any other mall because of the nice interior design, but not the price of the items and food. =D

You know I did not eat any breakfast that morning and we reached Pavilion around 3pm, really hungry die me that afternoon and we went to food court straight away because food court has the cheapest food? NOT.



Lai Quen of Kepong, Connie of Sandakan, Zhi Inn of Muar, Arvin of Medan, Wanyi of Penang and Nita of Penang. It’s so everywhere of us.

Shockingly, Pavilion was quiet in a Friday’s afternoon, it’s so not like Singapore or Hong Kong where people are everywhere in the mall, where are the freaking Malaysian?

Went to check out Uniqlo for a while, sadly there’s no sale and summer season clothing are not here yet, aduhainya. Then we went back after that, by LRT again.
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