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Taylor’s BARIO Leave A Mark Charity Event

The BARIO Project at Taylor’s University is a charity project that is about providing education to poor children in Sabah. Recently they have a charity event call “Leave A Mark” where you can leave a mark then do donation to the project. I passed by the event area in campus and with curiosity, I went to check it out. Haha.


It’s nice to see charity stuff around Taylor’s. I took part in the Leave A Mark thing. It’s actually stamping your palm on a cloth, letting the children know that we know about their existence and care for them. =)


This thing is organized by the International Student group and best part of all is that they give free Ribena. Really quenched my thirst that noon.

But of course, I did make some donation as well and help them reach the target of palm stamping.

First you pick a hand.

Then y0u pick a colour. Sorry, black was fully stamped and it’s yellow left.

Mellysa and Wanyi.

Then you be ready to stamp.


Helper were very kind to help you to stamp.

And I left a mark, somewhere on the left. =)

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