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Went To Pray And Met Frank, Edwin and Kin You on Wesak Day

I woke up kinda late on this year’s Wesak Day and it was almost noon when I woke up. I didn’t join mom to go do the Wesak Day prayer at Phor Tay High School in the morning because I was sleeping, forgotten what I was doing the night before which made me wake up so late. Instead I went to the temple myself, alone. The praying, the bathing of little Buddha statue during Wesak Day is a standard thing to do for Buddhist.

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Although I am not a very religious person, but seems I am free and it’s nothing bad to believe in God, so why not? Before prayer, I went to Qing Huang Tea House to meet up with school mate and also friends from the National Service. Two of them have already knew them before and Frank Ooi is a new friend. The two person was Kin You and Edwin.

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Frank Ooi.

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Edwin aka Chin Lai.

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Kin You.

I didn’t want to spend my afternoon at home so I went to meet up with them, joined them for lunch and talk. Else it would be pretty boring a bit. Everyone was at home that day because it’s Wesak Day and people scared of traffic jam as there’s a Wesak Day prossesion and parade at night in town.

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Me, Edwin and Frank would be there at the Wesak Day procession too. So after lunch and talk cock, we went home to rest. I was thinking about going to the Wesak Day place to do my prayer so it would be 2 in one stuff, I no need go here and there, but I thought about it, since I still have time, might as well just go to the temple to do it first and at night to enjoy the procession together. =D

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It’s the same place every year, in the Buddha hall in Phor Tay High School, near to my house. The different was that I went there alone. Phor Tay High School is a Buddhism centered school, so there’s temple inside in case you guys wondered.

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Joss stick symbolized holy. And no idea why need to bath the little Buddha. Enlighten me please. I only know it’s something people do during Wesak Day.

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Wesak Day, what did you do? =)

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