Going to Kem PLKN White Resort On The First Day

Let’s share something about the recent National Service (PLKN) that I’ve been to lately. I was there for only 7 weeks because I made deferment for it. Why? It’s hard to explain to you, perhaps I’ll talk about it next time. Though I had fun at there. I was assigned to Kem PLKN White Resort at Balik Pulau, Penang. Although it’s just at the back of the island of where I am staying, it’s still 45 minutes to one hour away from my home. It’s far.

While talking about the first day and how I go to the camp, I woke up pretty early that day at 7am and had everything ready. I slept quite late the night before, I think I slept at around 3 because of excitement, nervous and preparing my “Away to PLKN” post on the last minute.

Woke up, I bath, pun on a normal t-shirt and cheap jeans and out to breakfast. I didn’t want to wear something attractive or a Levi’s because I scared my stuff being stolen at there. Haha. Rumors said that there’s lot of stealing case.

I have my bag packed the night before, I bought lots of casual wear t-shirt, pants and underwear. There’s no camera with me but I brought 2 phones. A Nokia N95 and a Nokia 1680. I was actually quite afraid that they will take my phone away because they didn’t allow camera phone in the camp, and I wrapped the Nokia 1680 up with black tapes hoping they didn’t spotted it. As for the Nokia N95, it would be secret phone when I hand in a phone for them to keep. You know, in camp, they will keep the phone from Monday to Friday then return you on Friday night.

IMG_8373 by nicholaschan.

I was a little bit stupid because everyone was shooting with the camera phone like crazy for the first week because they didn’t keep our phone when we get in and didn’t talk about the camera phone thing yet. OMG.

IMG_8374 by nicholaschan.

Back to that morning, I brought mom and dad to Bayan Lepas to eat roti canai for breakfast. Ate little bit cause not feeling hungry then straight go to PISA where the meet up point was at, all the buses ferrying trainees like me were there. There’s buses to different camp, it’s not only for Kem PLKN White Resort only. I called up my friends to say last bye bye and some were there to send me and other friend off.

IMG_8375 by nicholaschan.

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Seriously, I was feeling both nervous and excited. I have no idea what it was like in the camp and scared a bit too. Luckily, I was not alone because there’s Chin Lai, Kin You, Yik Chia and Siew Siam who went to the same camp with me, at least there’s people I knew. Registered myself at the counter, then took photograph of surrounding for blogging purpose. Hehe.

IMG_8383 by nicholaschan.

IMG_8384 by nicholaschan.

IMG_8385 by nicholaschan.

I saw many boys still with their hair on and I was already bald. I didn’t want to get cut at the camp, so I went to cut myself at the barber 3 days before. =D

Then I removed my SIM card from my Nexus One and gave the phone to mommy for safe keeping. I wonder what will happened if I take my Nexus One to the camp. Haha, if it’s allow there, life might be perfect.=D

IMG_8387 by nicholaschan.

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Then I went to look for my friends who came to send us off and take photos together. It might be my last photo and the next photo would be 3 months later, that what I was thinking, but it’s so not correct because I came home a lot during the duration of me in the camp. Haha.

IMG_8398 by nicholaschan.
Renyu, Yun Huai, Chin Lai, Boon Bin, me, Choon Kai and Arron.

IMG_8400 by nicholaschan.
Jocelyn who was from the same camp but in first batch.

IMG_8403 by nicholaschan.
Chen Yuen, same batch, different camp. He went to Kem PLKN Sri Impian, Sungai Bakap.

IMG_8401 by nicholaschan.

And of course, a photo with dear daddy and mommy is a must!

Then I was off the bus to Kem PLKN White Resort. =D I was on the second bus, same bus with Chin Lai, Kin You, Yik Chia and Siew Siam. I sat beside a Heng Ee student but somehow I’ve forgotten who he was, he came out from camp like pretty early too.

45 minutes later, I arrived at the camp. =D I’ll talk about what happened in the camp next time.

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