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We Went to Bukit Mertajam

We went to Province Wellesley on Tuesday’s afternoon. Where’s Province Wellesley? It’s Seberang Perai, the mainland of Penang. =D It’s the English name, but to most Penang island people, I guess they would just call it Butterworth. My days in Penang still left not many days only and I am very free everyday, have nothing to do, it’s either spending time sleeping at home or going out to explore things that haven’t been explored.

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Was on the phone with Sean last night and she talked about St. Anne’s Church which then gave me an idea where to go. =D I have wanted to go check it out a long time already as people told me it’s a very nice place and feel curious. I also have a thing for holy place, like temples, churches, they have nice architecture. =)

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Chien Chern.

IMG_5323 by nicholaschan.
Tee Jin.

IMG_5324 by nicholaschan.
Yiphing. All  was like so busy.

IMG_5325 by nicholaschan.

It was on a road trip, there’s me, Chien Chern who was the driver, Yiphing and Tee Jin. Four of us only, many friends were in school or already leaved Penang. So sad.

IMG_5330 by nicholaschan.

We didn’t really know the place and how to go. I only checked it and mark it on Google Maps and the Google Maps brought us there. Sometimes must say hate Google Maps a bit because it will bring us to a rural place just to get away from toll and shortcut. But this trip to St Anne’s Church was safe. I’ll talk about it in another post as we eventually went into same kampung and paddy field while going to Nine Emperor God temple.

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IMG_5335 by nicholaschan.

Alright, Bukit Mertajam is where St Anne’s Church is and I always thought BM is near to Butterworth or Seberang Jaya or anywhere in Province Wellesley but actually they are not, they are far!

IMG_5336 by nicholaschan.
This building is like so creepy and fugly!

First time coming here, there’s no high rise building, it’s all shop houses, bungalows, or the highest is like 3-4 floors. It’s a suburb and not a big town like us in Penang, and the road are small too.

IMG_5337 by nicholaschan.

Reached St Anne’s Church safely. Stay tune for next post! =)

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