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St Anne’s Church At Bukit Mertajam Is Cool

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It’s a 20 minutes drive from Penang Bridge to reach St Anne’s Sanctuary or simply known as the St Anne’s Church. I have been hearing from people saying that this church is nice, this church is cool, this church is huge, this church is old and I only saw it from photos and finally I got a chance to visit it.

Actually I have nothing to do in Penang, no school, no work, and so went visiting church. Haha. But I have a thing for holy places one because they are beautiful!

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The afternoon was quiet. Probably there’s no service on that day and church is always open for prayers. Apologize first if I write something wrong because I don’t really know about Christian and church. =)

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At first glance, the place is huge! The little church standing above is not the main one, there’s even a bigger one at the other side and there’s like a place where we can up, like a little park on foot hill. I have no idea how to describe it. Haha.

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When I saw the place, I was like “Wow, there’s actually something like this.” Pretty cool, I never see churches that big before, it’s not like those western one with very awesome design, it’s pretty but not very complicated, but the whole place is huge, with trees and super mini hiking trail which I called.

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It gave me a feeling of peacefulness and nature. Rocks.

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There’s the St. Anne’s Water. I want to ask what’s that? Is it holy water?

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The church is huge! Next stop, we went to the Nine Emperor God Temple at Raja Uda, we almost lost while going there, so do come back and check it out soon. =) One more thing, they say it’s very happenings during St. Anne’s Annual Novena & Feast Day Celebration, from 23 July 2010 to 01 August 2010, it’s a day before I leave Penang, so maybe I could go check it out? =)

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  • Nikelkhor
    June 30, 2010 at 3:39 am

    nice place of BM…BM-kia here

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