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Back To Chung Ling For A Short While and Breakfast

Oh my god people, I just so miss my high school, Chung Ling High School, so so so much! 4 more week of me being in Penang, I must go back to my school I used to go always more! I miss the food, the friends, the classroom and the teachers! Undeniable that my school rocks.

I was worrying that I couldn’t get into school because they made an electronic barrel at the front gate, but luckily the barrel was open and my car can pass through without any hesitation.

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First thing first was go to the canteen to meet up with my friends who are in Form 6 and eat my breakfast at there. Really miss the food a lot. But the feeling is different now when they are still wearing uniform and we were so casual. It’s like people of the different world. OMG.

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I was early, friend that I called, Arron, Tee Jin and Chien Chern came late.

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Then they missed the first session of recess, and next recess session came in. Our school have two sessions of recess, the first one is for Form 6 and Form 4, another one is for Form 3 and Form 5. It’s because there’s too many people and the canteen is not big enough, but bigger than average canteen of other school. =D

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After food, everyone went back to classes also and we went to walkaround. It’s hot! I was sweating a lot at there.

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We found a place to hang out in school and that’s the Counselling Room with air conditioned! We spent our time chit chat with the teacher there. A lot of graduated students go there because they want to know more about their future studies and pathway, this place will give a little guide to them.

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