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Vienna: A Day In Innere Stadt, The Old Town Of Vienna

Eastern Europe Trip // Vienna: A Day In Innere Stadt, The Old Town Of Vienna – After visiting to so many European cities, I realised that almost all of them have a ‘Old Town’, with the exception of London. The ‘Old Town’ is probably the main attraction as well as the historic core of the city where it is a must-visit place for all.

This goes to Vienna where the ‘Old Town’ is called the Innere Stadt (The First District or “inner city”). It is one of Vienna’s liveliest areas and also one of the most historic with monumental Baroque structures acting as a testament to this fact. This is where you can get a firsthand look at the glory of the Habsburg Empire. Shopping, food, Parliament building, old cathedral, Opera House and more can be found in this lovely inner city. Vienna is a very beautiful city, which holds the title of ‘World Most Livable City’. It’s something different coming from Budapest, Krakow, Bratislava and Warsaw. The city showcases a blend of art, music, style and friendliness.

3 days 2 night in Vienna and this first day, which was also the Christmas’ Eve was spent by wandering around the streets and narrow medieval alleys past the high end luxurious labels, restaurants and cafes, as well as some historical attractions nearby. Not to mention, we’ve got scammed by the concert salesman who were selling classical music concert which is very famous in Vienna! Damn, but we still at least refunded part of the money from the guy.

NOTE: Do not buy any ticket of classical music or opera from ticket seller wearing traditional clothes! Why I say it’s a scam is because I’ve found out on the Internet that all of these performance are not from professional performers, yet they are selling at a very high price which they claim that it’s cheaper to see at the Opera House, or Music Theater.

THE TIP: If you are on budget and want to experience the opera or classical music, there’s always standing ticket available at less than 10EUR, but you have to queue early. I’ll talk about it in another post.

Holburg Palace.

Some kids baking activity at Rathaus, the city hall.

Something interesting here, sky high parking rate of a first world country.

Read the board, definitely meaning sarcastically on Starbuck’s face. LOL.

It’s still a busy day in the city on Christmas Eve before sunset.

St Stephen Cathedral with a beautiful patterned roof.

The nicest H&M outlet that I’ve ever been to!

Domincan Church that has a beautiful oval dome! The church is also known as Church of St. Maria Rotunda with a strong Baroque influence.

He’s really a good salesman that had conned us into buying the ticket. We found out about the con when I was Googling about the show while resting at a cafe and they all returned negative reviews for it.

Looks just beautiful after lights up.

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