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Bratislava: A Slow & Peaceful Capital Of Slovakia

Eastern Europe Trip // Bratislava: A Slow & Peaceful Capital Of Slovakia – Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and I only knew about this place while I was planning for this Eastern Europe trip. As Slovakia lies between Krakow and Budapest, we did a stop at the capital of Slovakia before proceeding to Budapest, only then we head to Vienna and Prague. The route is kind of weird as Bratislava is already so close to Vienna yet, our next destination was Budapest which is so much further than Vienna. Nevertheless, Bratislava was a mid-point stop for the trip.

After a good night sleep in the sleeper and crazy journey to the train station from Poprad, we arrived in a chilled Winter morning with a cloudy day. The capital does not looks like a typical capital, it’s untidy, buildings are short and it’s slow pace. A switch of currency from Polish Zloty to Euro suddenly spiked up the calculation in mind. Despite of that, it’s still much cheaper comparing to other Euro countries.

One night would, or perhaps just a day would be more than enough in Bratislava, but we had two night at there! First day was just eat and sleep for us, no sightseeing as the city didn’t really attract us. It was still a good chillax first day in our hostel and surrounding. Initially, we planned to follow a free walking tour in the old town, but we couldn’t find the gang, or maybe we were just too late. Well, it’s still a free walking tour, but on our own! The old town of Bratislava somewhat amazed me, although looks similar with other Stare Miasto (old town). There’s still the crowds that made up the atmosphere, moreover it was Christmas, the second day was good. As usual, we checked out the free stuff, Christmas Market, Bratislava Castle and just wandered around the small streets and alleys. It was not that bad after all, but don’t expect much of Bratislava, it’s very peaceful. Yeah.

-1C in the morning!

This city looks very old. It makes me feel that Malaysia is so much better.

@ a typical and quite famous Slovak restaurant which I’ve forgotten about the name. It lies on the main street.

Some weird soup that taste nto bad.

So called Slovak Dumpling! Goat cheese, ham and the fillings.

Our typical anti-social activity at the hostel, TVB & Youtube.

Misinterpret Vietnamese food as Chinese food, yet they are just similar. Hoang Nam (restaurant name), I miss you!

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