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Trip To Penang: Pulau Tikus Lok-Lok & RED KTV

Trip To Penang: Pulau Tikus Lok-Lok & RED KTV – This is the last part of my Trip To Penang series and I’m gonna blog about something else already. Yay? Anyway, after an afternoon at the beach, we actually went to Gurney Plaza for a little walkaround and dinner, but that’s not the main thing, the main thing was what happened after that and that’s to eat Lok-lok at Pulau Tikus and later chill out at RED KTV.
Penang’s Lok-lok is famous, especially at Pulau Tikus because of its cheap prices, varieties of sticks and also varieties of sauces, that you can hardly find elsewhere. How can I not bring my friend to check out this Lok-lok place? By the way, it’s again a private tour for this few friends because I do not drive a van.
After lok-lok, a short tour at Straits Quay for them to check out the high end part of Penang where high end yachts are docked and a beautiful seafront promenade is. It’s time to get amazed. Penang is not just a UNESCO World Heritage City with old houses, but there’s a nice modern part developing around the island.
Last segment of the day was a chill out session at RED KTV at Bellisa Row which I’ve not been for quite some times already. Still has the very strong smoky air, but karaoke at there was funner as lesser people were there and the lounge added a pool table for free play. So now I conclude my Trip To Penang and it was a fun trip with my classmate and hopefully there will be more trip like this.
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