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Trip To Penang: Peranakan Mansion

Trip To Penang: Peranakan Mansion – Continue back on the Penang Trip with my classmate, now we came to the Peranakan Mansion, one of the attractions that I have never been before, it’s my first time going there during the trip. All the while, I never visited before is because one need to buy ticket to go in, RM10/person if I am not mistaken and that’s why. Hahaha. Since I’ve paid for this little trip, so the Peranakan Mansion is included.
It’s a museum, it’s a truly beautiful Peranakan Nyonya house with eclectic Straits Chinese decoration throughout the place. If you are a person who loves to learn about the history of Straits Chinese, this might be a good place for you to indulge into the culture, and history of Peranakan, or also known as Straits Chinese. It’s a very well-preserved place and it gives you another perspective of Penang. It’s not a very big house, but then it basically explains what’s the life of Straits Chinese in the olden days.
So what I did there was just walk around and take photos. I didn’t really listen to the guided tour. Hehe. So let the pictures speak now.
Lovely column with ornaments.
Us again – Arvin, Jia Hui, me, Wesley and Steve.
Acting like Straits Chinese. LOL. Looks nothing like them.
Acting cool with Wesley, Jia Hui, Arvin, Steve, me and Fadran.
The Love Seats.
Oh my camera?! I don’t want one.
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