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Trip To Penang: Little India’s Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Trip To Penang: Little India’s Sri Mahamariamman Temple – I actually skip one place and that is the Kuan Yin Temple, I’ve been there for so many time so I’ve decided not to follow them into the heaty Kuan Yin Temple. After the St George’s Church, the Kuan Yin Temple, now across the road and we reached the Little India of Penang, a street full of Indian retail shop and also the worship place of the Indian, an Indian temple of Sri Mahamariamman.
Unfortunately, temple was closed that day, there’s not much of touring, as usual, the Mr Tour Guide gave a introduction of the place and we went off to somewhere else, next is to the Khoo Kongsi, one of my favourite place in Penang with awesome old Straits Chinese architecture. Anyway, before heading to Khoo Kongsi, let’s check out what happened around Little India.
Mr Mahrad J something something, I don’t know how to spell his name, MJ is what I call him all the time.
Backside of Jia Hui & CK. =D
You can ignore the tour guide and read this.
Beautiful Indian carving.
Lovely lion. Roar back to you.
With Gino the magician and Moh at the back.
From the left, Aida, Hanan me and Rasyid. Yeah!
Wesley, Jia Hui, Nita and me.
It’s really a hot day!
Why?! Why free promotion for the soft drinks? Why?! Please tell me!
Oops, looks there’s a pool up there!!!!!!!!!! How?  Anyone, tell me how. An chua ho?
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