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Trip To Penang: Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi

Trip To Penang: Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi – One of my favourite place in Penang is this Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi or also known aas the Khoo Clan House. It’s a very small little neighbourhood where Khoo family used to live together with house surrounding the family temple. Of course, it’s one of the must-visit for my friends of DID (Diploma In Interior Design) from different countries and states.

It’s getting hot that afternoon so there’s not much time spend outside and I spent more time inside the Khoo Templeb which is also a musuem. Well, you don’t really get to visit the temple during free open visit like at Chinese New Year time, I did pay for this tour so I’m gonna check out the inside thoroughly.

It’s pretty interesting to check out the Khoo Kongsi as it’s one of the largest Chinese clan house in Penang and the architecture, carving and arts are just awesomely beautiful. Touch and feel the material, the history of this place and that’s what I did, and …. I didn’t really feel anything, except the texture. HAHA.

Arvin at the back, Wesley, Steve at the back, me and Jia Hui.
The Parentage Society Of Khoo Clan. Lovely!
Serious face! Super serious!
The kitchen setting of old time. Sweet.
They drink Pepsi in the olden days. Chup! Pepsi.
My favourite wall. So nice.
Hello to Steve, Wesley, little cute monk statue, Jia Hui at the back and Mellysa in front. Smile!
Ze group photo, I don’t think I have to list their name. Too many!
Another group photo, hello my friends! How are you?
Magician, me, Moh and Cher Huey, Jia Hui at the back. Haha.
From back, Shahu, Ana, Mellysa, MJ, Nita and Mr CK. In front left, Arvin, Rasyid, Fana, Aida, Hanan and me!
With the very yeng Zetty and Navena.
Moh, Steve, me, Arvin and Wesley.
Arvin, Wesley, Jia Hui, Steve and Me.
Let’s JUMP high!!!! Can you do that?
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