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The Other Guys Preview Screening Contest

Oh yeah. I just realised that there’s so many movie tickets contest here in Kuala Lumpur. Wonder why there’s no such contest in my hometown, Penang. But anyway, I am here to join the contest to win a pair of movie tickets by and courtesy of

Let’s start up with why I wanna watch the movie, The Other Guys basically because I like New York City as the scene is set in the great big apple. You know I love NYC so much and I even dream about a few times during my sleep. Then this movie is some sort of action plus comedy movie because you see the actor, there’s The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Will Ferrel the funny guy, Mark Wahlberg the cool one, Samuel L. Jackson and more! =)

Have been checking out the cinema this two weeks and there’s no nice movie to watch and the coming weeks, The Other Guys is something more interesting to me.

The movie is about detectives and crime in New York City. Talking about this, I think hiring more and more NYPD will reduce to crime rate in NYC. Easy and simple right. More and more police, more and more on the street and distribute everywhere then NYC is ownage already. LOL. Very lame.


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