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Site Visit to KLCC

I don’t know should I categorize my school life as college life or university life because my school, recently upgraded their status from Taylor’s University College to Taylor’s University. Though, I am only taking Diploma courses in this private university. Haha. Pretending to be a real university student.

Hi, by the way. I am back again. Stupid Taylor’s Residence promised Internet will be ready by September but it’s already October and it’s still not ready. Really bad service I tell you guys.

One of my subject is Introduction to Design. I don’t know want how to tell you about what is it about but then part or classes will be outside and we called it site visit, something like a field trip, going to the places to take some photograph, do some sketches, look around and play. =D

Our first site visit was to KLCC or also known as the Petronas Twin Towers. Part of the photos here you see will also be seen in my Journal for the subject. =D

Everyone was like so excited.

Everyone knows about this places but wondering why we still need to go to check out KLCC right? Actually we were researching about the architect behind the towers and the park and now I know, Ceasar Pelli designed the towers and Roberto Burle Marx designed the KLCC park. Haha.

MJ from Iran. Our class rep giving instruction.

Hello everyone.

Arvin from Medan, Indonesia.

Wanyi, friend from the same hometown, Penang.

Connie from Sandakan, Sabah.

Aseel from Palestine, resides in Saudi Arabia, so basically she’s from Saudi Arabia but born in Palestine.

We were given only an hour time to take as many photos about the building and the area as much as we can. I was thinking about buying Rotiboy this and that but the time for taking photograph was like so not sufficient. The weather was so hot and I sweated a lot although it’s not sunny. The atmosphere was just, warm.

Anastasia from Belarus, and Nita from Indonesia. Many international students in my class. Rocks.

In and out. Unfortunately there’s no blue sky and it’s pretty difficult to look for blue sky to take photos with the KLCC in the middle of a concrete city in a tropical hot country.

Beautiful, wonderful, bombastic. Good morning. Haha.


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