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Walk Walk at Pavilion, Fahrenheit 88 and Kelana Jaya LRT

Hello people. Still remember two weeks ago I went to Kuala Lumpur with my friends from Penang. Yes, here am I continuing my story. It was a rainy day. Pavilion and KLCC is like stone throw away but then because of the rain, we couldn’t get across the street and walk to Pavilion. That’s the problem.

We tried to wait but the rain was like getting bigger and we 7 people only had an umbrella. We hailed a taxi at KLCC and he wanted RM10. We did not get in of course. Carmen thought it was cheap. Haha. Then we asked for another taxi, and RM5 he wanted and agree to take 5 of us. That’s better. The other two, Xiu Xin and Tee Jin walked to Pavilion with an umbrella. =D

Taxi dropped us at the drop off area at the back door, saw a lot of nice car and we went to take photos. Wonder when only will I have a very powerful car valet parked at here. Haha.

Then we walk walk and walk walk. Nothing much to do at there, just walk.

Walked into Apple shop to check out stuff but don’t have iPhone 4 on display. Very jealous when seeing iPhone 4 user go and shop for accessories. >.<

I actually have something to do at Pavilion. I went to DiGi Centre to change my prepaid plan to DG Smart Plan. Now I can surf on the go, unlimited for only RM68 per month. Haha. The whole conversion process took two hours and I have to paid RM68 in advance. The phone need to have RM5 in credit balance in order to the conversion.

After using it for a few weeks, I felt that the DiG is still not better than Maxis, except the price. Cheap!

I didn’t want to eat fast food already because I had McDonald’s for afternoon tea, but since everyone was so craving for it, I joined the fun. Expensive Carl’s Junior which I only will go once in a blue moon. I have no money!

We then walk walk to Fahrenheit 88, the new mall, used to be KL Plaza and it’s pretty small inside and not very cool. Nothing much in there, many shop not yet open and what I am most excited about is Uniqlo. =D Yay. Opening somewhere in November if I am not mistaken.

Oktoberfest is here! I don’t drink, too bad.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s toilet.

Walked back to KLCC to take the LRT back to Kelana Jaya where our cars were.

A bit sampat squatting at there, but I was just so tired.


Guys, from Penang and Chung Ling High School. Got Shah Alam, got Kelana Jaya, got Sepang and also me, Bandar Sunway.

Me, Arron, Carmen, Xiu Xin, Tee Jin, Pin Hoong, Jing Min. Yay.

Then good night, it’s late and tired. Penang people in KL. Haha.

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