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Red Box Lunch With A Little Bit Of 4SA5/08 Buddies

Still remember last time, when I was in class 4SA5, 2008, we would go to Red Box karaoke together almost once a month after school on Friday. Going to karaoke or the shopping mall was like already became a routine for us as things to do after finishing our exam or test.

We went in a big group like 10-15 peoples, and slowly, now, there’s only 6 of us in the karaoke room few days ago. After graduation, everyone busy with their stuff already. I miss 4SA5, seriously.

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Arron was the one who called us out that day. 6 turned up was actually not bad already, there’s me, Chien Chern, Arron himself, Zheng Feng, Cheong Kin and Zez Chien. Arron is going off soon, going to Sepang to study and so leaving us here, and this would be our KTV farewell together. I don’t like the feeling of farewell and say bye bye, it’s not a happy thing. I don’t want, but soon it would be my turn to leave Penang also. =(

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There’s lunch for us too, but it’s more likely a breakfast to me because I woke up, bath and straight away went there already, I didn’t eat my breakfast at home. The first person to arrive was Arron and next was me, so I wasn’t very late too which I thought I was late because we were supposed to meet at 11, but I was there at around quarter pass eleven already. Hehe.

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Not a good singing day for me because after coming back from the recent Penang trip with National Service friends, I fell sick a little bit, I had a little bit of coughing and runny nose, caught a cold, but it’s getting better now, thanks to drinking lots and lots and lots of water.

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Though, I did sing also, but not many, and not super high. Breakfast and see them happy would be my main reason of being there. I love outing together, really miss the day back in Form 4, really crazy.

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The karaoke and breakfast session was not very expensive, it’s only RM11.50 per person which include the food and drinks. ^.^ We finished at 2pm.

IMG_4450 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4461 by nicholaschan.

The last part of us was seeing friendship related songs together. Awhhh, we must keep in touch, and appreciate your friends now!

IMG_4472 by nicholaschan.
Me, Zheng Feng, Chien Chern, Cheong Kin, Arron, Zez Chen.

After Red Box, we went for lunch then to cinema watch The Killers, kinda funny, lame, pointless, but enjoyed it! =)


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