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Mirror Shoot in Newly Found Toilet at Parkson, Gurney Plaza

56k and 384k broadband warning. Haha, photo too long and may take some times to load. Some friends complain that my blog load slow when I place my photo vertically, or in portrait. Sorry to tell you that you have a slow Internet connection because it’s loading fast on my 1mbps connection.

IMG_4473 by nicholaschan. IMG_4474 by nicholaschan.

Cut the crap. I want to apologize for us being vain. Haha. Girls like to take photos in front of the mirror, especially the mirror in the toilet. I have no idea why. We found a new toilet at Gurney Plaza, after going to Gurney for like so so so many years and this was my first time going into a new toilet, it’s in Parkson, 1st floor.

You know why I or some people never know about this toilet? It’s because it’s some where near the bra section of the woman’s floor. That’s why, I never passed by bra section, and I heard my friend told me about the toilet, so I went to treasure hunt it and YES, we found.

Then after doing all our business, I saw a big mirror, then we tried to shoot like what the girls always shoot, except with a DSLR, instead of a mobile phone.

Do you know one thing? When girls take photo in front of the reflection of mirror, they don’t say “Come, smile smile, 1… 2… 3…”. It’s only me who do that always. Haha.

Warning, vain photos ahead! =D

LOL. Forget to mention, there were me, Chien Chern, Arron, Zez Chien, Zheng Feng and Cheong Kin. It’s what we did after going to Red Box karaoke. =)

IMG_4489 by nicholaschan.

Met a friend, I think he was cosplaying. Haha.

=========WORLD CUP FEVER=========

Got watch World Cup or not? World Cup period, World Cup fever, no watch World Cup, where can? Didn’t watch also must talk about World Cup, don’t know must also act like you know about World Cup, who versus who last night, the score. Fake fake ma. Haha, why? Because it’s World Cup. LOL. I am just talking lame.

Right this moment, while writing this, I am watching England versus Algeria. It’s midnight, I am sleepy, but it’s fun. The score is still zero-zero, very tense and I very support England one. Faster score!

Fullscreen capture 6202010 125825 AM.bmp by nicholaschan

[adv] Do you know Celcom is giving out limited edition World Cup themed, super duper cute and comel Celcom Blue Bears? You don’t know?! Where can don’t know one, it’s very cute one and limited edition, yes I’ve said it before. Haha. Alright, cut the crap and I teach you how to get your Celcom Blue Bears.

If you are on Celcom Blue, reload RM30 and above then you can receive a mobile voucher. The mobile voucher is use to redeem your Celcom Blue Bears or with Channel X, download any World of Football 2010 content in Channel X worth RM10 or more to receive your mobile voucher.

Then bring your mobile voucher to participating Celcom Blue Cube or branch to redeem your collectible Blue Bear before the expiry date.

Fullscreen capture 6202010 10647 AM.bmp by nicholaschan.

One extra thing for you, your mobile voucher will also entitle you to be in therunning for the RM10,000 giveaway in the date that is stipulated on the voucher. Get shortlisted, and answer a simple question then it maybe yours. Oh yeah! Go here for more!

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  • Clarisseteagen
    June 19, 2010 at 9:11 am

    LOL! Like girls only!!


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