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Try and Win Chance to LA to Watch American Idol!

Do you watch the Season 9 of American Idol? Frankly, I was not really into American Idol until now, I was too bored, no more Heroes, no more Prison Break, no more Fringe, no more American Got Talent, it’s a little bit bored now and I turned to American Idol. Interesting!

Last time, I watch only the final and hear it from people, so I knew about Adam Lambert, David Cook, David Archuleta, Kelly Clarkson, William Hung and so on. Now I am watching it from audition, still catching it up till the latest episode on some Chinese Internet TV. Very nice, I like.

Powerful singing and I like it when the judge “shoot” them. Hehe.

Fullscreen capture 392010 112515 PM.bmp by nicholaschan

By the way, I accidentally found out about this American Idol’s contest while surfing some forum, it’s a contest which actually will gives me chance to LA to see American Idol! OMG.

Fullscreen capture 392010 112616 PM.bmp by nicholaschan

The contest very simple, but I very lame because I don’t really know about the entertainment news. I only know Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscars lately. Haha, or Simon Cowell leaving American Idol after this season 9. I only know the basic basic one. ^^

Fullscreen capture 392010 112628 PM.bmp by nicholaschan

So, I always ting tong tiang, do guessing on the answer for the question. Password to the question is pretty simple, it’s only to see how fast you can give the answer for the question, then stand chance to go LA. Nevermind, I will try everyweek until I really failed. Now still OK yet. Won’t give up because I want to go LA!

Lilly Scott is powerful! Don’t you think so?

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