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Malacca Famous Clock Tower Cendol Near Dutch Square

Hello people. I am back, from many places! From doing assignment, from Hong Kong, from Malacca and almost everywhere, but haven’t gone back home, Penang yet. I miss Penang’s food so much, so badly. OMG.

Today I want to talk about Malacca food because I went there 2 weeks ago. I think most people knows about the famous food in Malacca like chicken rice ball, satay celup, cendol and so on. But for me as a Penangite which also has a famous Cendol in town, it’s kinda surprise and curious for me to check out other’s famous cendol.

Having various spelling like Chendol, Cendol, I prefrebly call it cendol. There’s actually a few place in Malacca where you can find nice icy cendol and one of which is the one that is right opposite the famous Dutch Square which is a historical site. Selling my an Indian man which attracted quite many customers. It’s a nice dessert to eat and slurp during a super hot tropical weather in Malaysia.

The cendol, looking a little bit identical to Penang’s famous cendol, but selling at only RM1.50, it’s tasted similarly a little bit but it’s sweeter than the Penang’s, probably due to the usage of gula Melaka (Malacca Sweetener) in it. Different people have different feeling yet, I love the both feeling of Penang’s and Malacca’s. One is sweeter, and one is more to the taste of the cendol. IMO, I like Malacca’s more. =)


Which do you like more?

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