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Malacca Trip: Exploring Dutch Square, River Side and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock

Oh yeah, I am having mid-semester break next week and I am going back to my hometown. University’s style diploma course is relaxing because it follows the standard timetable of university which has 2 sem per year, a long summer holiday in midyear and a month holiday during Christmas. Oh yeah.

Back to my Malacca trip which I had few weeks back. After walking around Jonker Walk to look for lunch, Hueisean and I went to check out the standard, famous, Malacca’s historical attraction, the Dutch Square which is just stone throws away from Jonker Walk.

Malacca is pretty small place and all the attractions is just very near by and centralized, so walking around places are easy. If I have not mistaken, I have been here when I was small, like 5/6 years old. Yeah, and this was my second visit.

The Dutch Square was built by the Dutch during the Dutch colony time which is a long time ago and it’s famous for the RED Christ Church and the RED Stadhuys building. The RED is one of the attraction which is the only place with Dutch architecture, pretty cool. I have no idea what’s a Stadhuys building did last time.

The Stadhuys is the one beside th Christ Church. We went up to check it out and there’s actually a collection for entrance fee to the museum which houses inside and we walked away. Not worth to pay for museum, IMO because I am not a fan of paying-musuem, in Asia.


Memorial stone.

We kept praying for a cloudy weather and no more sun shines on us and regretted for not bringing an umbrella because it was very hot! Haha. Nice thing to see around is that there’s many tourist checking out the place. I love people visiting my own country. =D

Checked out the Christ Church and the interior isn’t that fascinating as the exterior afterall. No Roman-Catholoc-Paris-ish feel. Just plain interior. Aduh.

Nothing much for us to check out already. While on a trip to the public toilet which is by the riverside, we found the riverside. Haha. It’s actually quite nice placing shop houses by the riverside and having walkways by it. I would like to have a home by the river. It’s so nice.

Walls built by old red bricks.

There’s nothing much at that area already and we accidentally found another church whch si the St Francis Xavier Church. Pretty awesome and this is a English’s church. Awesome.

Feeling untolerable with the heatness, we walked back to our guesthouse to take an afternoon rest to prepare for night market. But then we did not took the Jonker Walk route where we came and we walked on the other street parallel to Jonker Walk which is Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and there’s heritage rows to see too.

I believe the windmill is just for decoration purpose. Right? Or is it some sort of historical thing again? Hmm.

While walking to Tun Tan Cheng Lock Road, we found the bigger riverside which is pretty beautiful. I like it. Just due to heat, we didn’t want to stay there for long. And we realised we missed the Maritime Museum by the riverside, though it’s quite far.

Baba Nyonya Peranakan Musuem which is another need-to-pay museum. So I just passed by. Penang also has a Peranakan House. =)

This kind of fruit tea is super famous in Malacca and is selling for RM4 per bottle. I asked the person why everywhere is selling this in Malacca, and she told me that it’s only available in Malacca. O.o Cool.

Nice one, no idea what kind of architecture is this. English?

It writes Weng Chun, I don’t know is it the Wing Chun martial art thingy or not, so I went in to check it out but there’s nothing related to the Wing Chun thingy.

One nice thing is that the clan/surname house is open to public all the time and people can go in to check it out.

Nice hotel.

In Malacca, they uses parking coupon for road side parking. So don’t simply park without coupon or you will get a “real” parking ticket. The place I parked was right behind Tang’s House for only RM2 perday.

Alley also can shoot. Haha.

Yay. Then we slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon then it’s evening time when the night market started. So that’s our afternoon in Malacca Town. Little bit thing to see and it’s quite awesome. And forgot to mention we had the famous Indian chendol at the Dutch Square. If you go to that place, do drop by at the Indian’s chendol store which is by the riverside, opposite the square. It’s refreshing and cheap. It’s different from Penang’s because it has more gula Melaka, sweet! =D

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