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Jogging To The West By River Tyne During Sunset

Jogging To The West By River Tyne During Sunset – All the while, it was just running on the treadmills at the gym here in Newcastle as the weather was quite cold previously, but as it’s getting warmer and my assignment is over right now, I can head out for a run. It was a late evening on Sunday that I went for a run by the River Tyne from Quayside. Windy, but quite fun, I ran in a direction to the west of the river, trying to chase the sunset. 4.5km down by the river side and I was at no where, very quiet on a sunday evening and only came across one of two individuals fishing by the river.

It’s really peaceful out there like suddenly I was like so far away from the city, just like being in a ‘kampung’ (village)! Newcastle is really a kampung in my opinion. HAHA. The boardwalk by the river is like never-ending and I only stop at a place when I was exhausted. Not decided to run back, it took me an hour walk back to my place! But it was fun one, as the sun was still up at 8pm and I got to see a bit of the sunset skyline by the nature.






Sunset, rocks!

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