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Budapest: Arriving via Student Agency Bus, Ride The Old Budapest Metro

Eastern Europe Trip // Budapest: Arriving via Student Agency Bus, Ride The Old Budapest Metro -After spending 2 days 2 nights at Bratislava, we headed to Budapest, the capital of Hungary via Student Agency bus. The ride was about 3 hours and it was pretty comfortable if were to compare with 30-something seats, with small entertainment screen and a compliment cup of hot chocolate, that’s pretty worthwhile for less than 10 Euro per person. One thing about bus in Europe is almost all of them are equipped with a small toilet for quick relieve. The only bus in Malaysia that has equipped toilet is Aeroline, which is my favourite too.

Day 1 of Budapest was nothing much as we spend most of the time around our hostel and wait a friend to arrive from London. Since it’s 4 days 3 nights in Budapest, so there’s plenty of time for us to explore. So I took the opportunity of first day to plan for the next 3 days.

Budapest was quite new to me but then it’s a lovely city with rich culture. Coming from Asia, Budapest is a place that I’ve not study before and the Hungarian language is just alien to me. I think I can’t find any Hungarian word that is close to English. It’s cool, at least the people in Budapest was really friendly. Anyway, check out the Budapest Metro photo below, it’s so old it feels like 1970s!

BlackSheep Hostel, the place we stayed in Budapest. A thumbs up for the hostel. Lovely staff and place.

Kebab, something that you must not be missed in Europe. They are everywhere! Cheap, and delicious.

The almighty New York Cafe, most beautiful cafe in the world. I shall write about it in another post.

Lovely street at night.

Burger for dinner!


The old Budapest Metro.

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