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Hong Kong: Morning Walk at North Point Wet Market and Tram to Western Market

Hello people, after checking out Malacca, today I want to bring you to Hong Kong. Yeah, it’s one of the awesome city in East Asia, also with the title of New York of Asia, I not sure is there such description or not, but I’ll call it that. Haha.

“Hong Kong, City Where Asian’s Dreams Are Made Of.”

So during my stay in Hong Kong, instead of picking a accomodation at a crowded area like Mongkok, Kowloon, Central, we stayed at a place call North Point, a little bit far from the CBD and shopping area and is on the Hong Kong island, but it’s still a good stay with nice Hong Kong culture around for us to check out and nice sea view from the hotel too. It’s Hotel Ibis, North Point that I and my family spent our nights at.

It’s only about RM200 per night. Transportation is not a problem because the North Point MTR subway station is just right beside the hotel and a few minutes walk can reach the tram line which connects to downtown Hong Kong. Before talking about tram, I want to bring you on a morning walk, about 13 degree celcius, foggy a bit to the wet market located right behind our hotel.

It says, Apple has been successfully jailbroken, free games and ringtones. Nice to see that it’s handwritten in nice Chinese font instead of computer printed.

A visit to the wet market was accident because we didn’t plan the trip. In fact, the whole trip in Hong Kong was just spontaneously, what came in mind then the place was where we went. =D

Although it’s far from the Hong Kong busy area like Central district, Causway Bay, Mongkok, yet it’s still have rich Hong Kong culture, it’s people everywhere! Hong Kong has a 8million people population and it’s a super dense city. It’s just people everywhere, shops everywhere and it’s always that happening at every corner. I kinda like this, because it won’t get quiet.

Probably perhaps the weather is good there, chilling, low temperature, so that people will come out for walk.

The wet market was really wet in that morning because of there’s drizzle in early morning, but it’s still OK to walk along, seeing old Hong Kees shopping for clothing, food, vegetables, food.

Philipino and Indonesian maids are everywhere too! They roam freely around the market preparing to serve the home. B

It’s nothing same like Malaysia, it’s not really a market building but it’s a street, with stalls, selling clothing, food, vegetable and some other little  stuff.

After walking on the short wet market, we headed to the tramline on King’s Road to take the tram to Western Market.

Brother was on a early flight this day from Singapore. While waiting for his arrival, we went to check out Western Market and enjoy the tramline and morning city view.

King’s Road, 英皇道 is actually the main road at this area. Shops, tramline, buses line are all on this road. It’s more happenings when comparing to the other side.

Tramline are in the middle of the wide car way. In Hong Kong, they called the tram as Ding Ding Cher 丁丁車 (literally means ding ding car) because of the “ding ding” bell sound that the tram driver makes when arriving a stop or to warn the traffic in front. Pretty cute. “I wanna sit ding ding cher!”

It’s really nice to see that they still preserved the tram until today with a good service. Although there’s no AC yet, it’s clean and maintained well. A ride of the tram cost only 2HK$,
not even RM1 and the rate is same no matter how far you go. Awesome! Really a cost saver transportation, just that they are slow a little bit, the speed I mean.

Cleaner cleaning the grilled. Very good.

Buses and red taxies. New York is yellow cab and Hong Kong is red cab. Malaysia, colourful cab. =.=

Be aware that different tram goes to different places. So check out the board about where it’s going then hop on. Flat rate HK$2 for adult and HK$1 for children. Cheap!

There’s quite little seats up there and luckily I found one by the back windows which allow me to take a nice view of the moving scenery of the nice city.

It’s quite a long journey, takes about 45 minutes to reach the Western Market from North Point.

I believe this is somewhere near Causeway Bay.

Central, the CBD area.

Hello! Reached Western Market’s stop.

A nice tram ride I had but if you are busy and want to be fast, MTR is for you. MTR takes less than 15 minuts and this takes about 45 minutes. HAHA. Price also different a lot.

Next up, I will share about Western Market and around the place. =)

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