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Nice Yam Chicken Rice Ball at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

I can’t resist myself not to write another chicken rice ball post for you. Haha. After sharing the not-so-nice chicken rice ball just now, I now want to share with you a better chicken rice ball at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, which is another place that serve the ball rice on Jonker Walk,

Hueisean say hello! =)

Hueisean kept telling me about some brown colour chicken rice ball which turned out to be the Yam Rice Ball, only served at this Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. This place is not as well-known as the long-time Chung Wah and Hoe Kee and just came in to business like last decade. It’s located in the middle of Jonker Walk and do attracted quite many customers.

We were just there to try the Yam Rice Ball and surprisingly it’s quite nice despite some bad review from the Internet. Pricing is quite reasonable in my opinion, starting from RM4.50 per set. Besides chicken rice ball, they do serves many other dishes too.

If you like yam rice, you can try out this place for the yam rice ball instead of chicken rice ball. Yum yum. There’s so many chicken rice ball shop in Malacca, why just stick to one?


28 Jalan Hang Kasturi
Melaka, Malacca

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