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Hong Kong: Walkaround Western Market, Sheung Wan and to North Point

The last part, we talked about walking on the morning wet market and taking the tram in Hong Kong, this time I’ll bring you to where I went after alighting from the tram. I went to the Western Market located at Shueng Wan. Sheung Wan was known to me as taking the ferry to Macau, I went there like 4 years back, but this year we didn’t go to Macau, we just check out the area around Sheung Wan.

Sheung Wan is pretty like old-Hong Kong, the older side of the modern city yet bringing contemporary and heritage feel, mix together.

Western Market that we went is actually a tourist attraction more than a local attraction, it’s something like Kuala Lumpur’s Central Market, selling art and craft stuff, it’s a market that’s left by the British colony long ago in Hong Kong. Since we have never been there before, I suggested to dad to check out the place, there’s no need entrance fee.

Comparing to our Malaysia Central Market, I have to salute their preservation work and the way the maintain the place. It’s very nice and clean. There’s a feeling of being in Europe once step in, but then the stuffs selling at there is not cool, it’s just souvinirs, arts and crafts. There’s some nice restaurant though.

First thing I went in was to look for a toilet because the feeling was there after sitting in the tram for approximately 45 minutes. Haha. You know I have something for heritage building, walking on the stairs, into the toilet makes me feels like travelling to the past. It’s cool, it’s fun.

The place is packet on the upstairs with stalls and shops and the lobby is pretty spacious. The temperature outside is cold already, inside is even colder because of air-conditioned.

Nice British’s telephone booth.

Just spent a little while inside, the main thing was looking for toilet and wasting time, then we went out to look for breakfast around Sheung Wan area, at the same time waiting for brother to arrive in Hong Kong.

We walk, walk walk, Actually we never really been around this area before, explore and see. We only went to sit the ferry before at the Shun Tak Centre.

This side of Hong Kong is rather different from place like Central, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, it’s quite quiet in the morning. Although it’s “quiet”, there’s still people walking here and there on the street, the population in Hong Kong is like 8million people and it’s so dense.

Inspired by DigitalRev, now I like taking photos of construction site. =D

After breakfast at a don’t know what Hong Kong’s cafe, we went back to meet my brother at the hotel. We didn’t take the tram though because of the slowness, instead we took the MTR.

45 minutes and less than 15 minutes ride are so much different.

And check out the wall on the MTR tunnel. Pretty cool huh?

More Hong Kong posts are coming, stay tune! =) I misses Hong Kong now.

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