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Hiking to Moon Gate with Friends

The initial plan was Chien Chern come to my house to fetch me go to Penang Hill Tram Station to fetch Arron, Chen Yuen, Yiphing and Sher Reen to Botanical Garden, then hike up to Penang Hill and eat some ice kacang, then take the tram down and sit Arron’s car back to Botanical Garden for Chien Chern’s car. But FAILED because the tram service was down for repair work. So sad man.

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While at the tram station, while waiting for Arron them to come, Chien Chern and I got no place to go and simply drove around the area and found a temple. So we went in to take a look and I prayed.

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The temple was pretty cool and it’s quiet in the morning. I saw monks at there.

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In the end, all two car drove to Youth Park and hike up to Moon Gate and come back down. It’s still exercise afterall but we were quite late at that time, it’s almost mid-morning already.

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Moon Gate is a stop at the hill for resting. The trail up to the place where I always go hiking with my mom. It’s pretty fun and sometime can see monkey at there.

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I did check how long the trail was before, it’s about 2km and it’s not very tall, around 230m above sea level and took us like half and hour. Wonder how long will it takes for us to climb the Mount. Kinabalu tallest in South East Asia.

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Sher Reen, Yiphing.

I have got no food up there and at that kind of time, there’s no water service too, so I drank tap water up there, hopefully it’s clean. =) Feeling a little bit of hungry, Arron gave me a bite of his prepared sandwich. Thank you.

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Chien Chern.

Spent like 30 minutes up there, crapping and shouting after other people went down, so at a moment, it’s only us up there. Very not quiet but a bit creepy. But soon, there’s hiker came up again and we turned our voice down. If you go hiking during the evening, there’s nice kopi-o to drink, music and many people up there, quite happenings.

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Stim look with Arron.

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There’s my respectful Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s photo. Rocks.

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We wanted to go Penang Hill still, but no luck connecting it to there. There’s still a route at the back of Moon Gate, but no sure where it leads to. A little bit scary. Haha.

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Nice view from some part of the hill.

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We then went down under the hot sun. Very surprise and now only I know there’s still people go hiking almost noon. It’s like peopl
e go there at anytime of the day, don’t know night got or not.

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