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My 2010 New Year Eve in Penang

Some friend must be thinking, “isn’t my new year’s eves are always in Penang (my hometown)?” Pretty wrong, last year I spent my New Year’s Eve at a cold and people-not-enjoying-new-years-eve place and that’s Guangzhou.

People at there don’t really interest in New Year or New Year eve, Chinese there are more to Chinese New Year, but so New Year Day is still a national public holiday. Still remember that I spent my day touring Guangzhou and at night counting down in the hotel room, watching Hong Kong’s great fireworks from the idiot box. It’s still fun though, because I was traveling. =D

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Same thing as Christmas Eve’s morning, I woke up then went for dim sum at the same dim sum house. I don’t know whose idea it was, it’s just “IT’S DIM SUM AGAIN!”.

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They as in Yiphing, Chai Wei, Chien Chern and Chen Yuen went back to their places and would be meet in the afternoon. As for me, I went for college hunting to ask info about studies. Went to The One, Disted and Equator and still I’ve got no decision in my mind. I am going to wait for my result in March already. I think I’ll go to a college whichever needed to pay the less.

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Then went to meet Anthony, my tuition teacher at his new place, big renovation was going on because he wanted to remove all the wall in his new house. Seems interesting and just stayed there for a while and listen to his ideas on the interior design.

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After college hunting, I actually got no place to go. I was supposed to go meet my friends at her house and I was in the middle of her house and my house, thinking should I go home for a rest or not. After thinking for a little bit, decided to spend the whole day out and only go back home at midnight. Save petrol by not going back and out. Hehe.

Very lame, we were suppose to think what to do and where to go at Yiphing’s house but in the end, we spent the whole afternoon at her house, crapping mostly and eat instant noodle. Thank you Yiphing for the instant noodle. At one time, I don’t know what we were screaming and shouting until the neighbour came complain, it means seriously that the place need better noise insulation. =D

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Shit, act gay.

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6pm came and in one car, I was the driver, we went to Queensbay Mall to check out the countdown concert. Unfortunately, there’s no Yiphing here, it’s only me, Chien Chern, Chen Yuen and Chai Wei. Mom keep telling me that it would be very jam around the area but what I saw was smooth traffic, just like the Chinese always says One Road Smooth Wind, which means move smoothly all the way.

The concert was starting at 8 and it was like 6.30pm when we arrived. It seems like there’s no crazy fans waiting at the front line, since there’s nothing to see yet, we went into Queensbay Mall and roam around, without sense of direction and shops to go or things to buy.

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My favourite thing to do is standing in front of any of the Mac, iMac biggest screen 27″ preferably, turn on Photo Booth program and make fun, then bluetooth all the photo for self-storage. =D Very lame right? It’s a form of my entertainment when I found Apple’s computer at the store. We spent like half an hour at there and took quite many photos. Hopefully no one were laughing at us and the Apple people didn’t even want to bother us.

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Accidentally bumped up with Mxdoing Min Xiang and his friend Sammy, they were going for a movie instead.

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Very sad that after playing so long at the Photo Booth and walking the whole mall, the concert still not yet started. The MC were just interacting with the people. I don’t have the Rock’s Zone ticket, so I didn’t bother to go in early.

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Very lame, we went into the mall again. I went to get my camera batteries because I was scared that my camera will run die if I keep on shooting useless stuff.

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It’s dinner time after that. Almost all restaurant in Queensbay Mall are not very low priced, so we went out of Queensbay Mall and found Mommy Wang at the opposite. Not very low priced too, but do serves not-bad Taiwanese food.

After dinner for sure would be the concert time! Since we have got no ticket, we stand pretty far from the stage and only can see from the screen. I didn’t have a zoom lens, so not thinking of photo shooting that time. Just enjoying the crowds and music.

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It’s a Chinese concert, organized by local Chinese commercial radio 988, there’s 2 Taiwanese singer (Tank and Power Station) and many local artists and what I was waiting for was the Taiwanese singer only. =D They came out at the very end of the concert for countdown of new year.

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Met Alvin there.

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Then P1 Wimax were giving out a lot of air banger but it’s lousy, it goes airless after a few bangs.

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Cheong Kin were there too!

After Tank came out on stage and sang many many song, I really meant many, maybe he is popular so the whole half and hour was given to him, then we went somewhere near backstage to wait for the fireworks. Power Station took the stage on after that, and they were counting down for it. Found no where to sit, it’s everyone, and since the road was block, we sat on the floor. ^^

5-4-3-2-1. Yoyoyo, happy new year!

Didn’t have a tripod with me so I can’t shoot nice fireworks photo. I took them handheld at a slow speed. The fireworks was not very awesome, it’s like 10 minutes long only.

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Amanda the blogger was there too!

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And met Lester, Emily and Jameson.

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The night had not end yet, the most shitty thing was queuing up to pay parking ticket, the line was half and hour long and after paying, the whole carpark was a massive jam, takes another half and hour to get out. Scary. I was thinking that won’t I have to repay my parking ticket because I exceeded the time limit after paying the parking ticket and not out of the mall, but it’s not a problem already because there’s guard collecting ticket and need not insert into the barrier machine again.

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It’s only jam at Queensbay Mall carpark, the road outside was smooth. The night then ended with a supper at Upper Penang Road. Then it’s home everyone. Happy Chinese New Year for now! Haha.

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