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Working for Digi in Queensbay Mall for 3 Days

So basically, if you need to look for mobile broadband, cheapest postpaid, or any Digi-related product, do drop by at the Digi’s booth in Queensbay Mall Central Zone behind the performing stage, I will be there from Friday till this Sunday. =D

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I am working part-time as promoter, event helper and almost everything. HAHA. Fun or not? There’s fun, because there’s payout, there’s not fun because I stand a lot and it’s like many many hours and walkaround the booth quite a lot.

I receive the job quite last minute, I was surfing the net at home, fixing my computer then suddenly a friend called and ask if I need a job or not, so I said “yes” and asked “when?”. She said “now” and I was like OMG a little bit, so fast, but since I’ve got nothing to do and there’s payout, I took the job.

So basically we are targeting customer on mobile broadband, so any inquiry can drop by, or if there’s nothing, also can drop by and chill with me.

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So nice that today (Friday), I bumped up with many friends, some work at Queensbay and some were just shopping around, at least it’s not boring.

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My colleagues are all very friendly too and very nice to talk. Like it.

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Another thing to mention is that try sending “VIP” to 2000 to check whether you are a Digi Priority user, if you are, you can redeem free gift from the booth. Only for postpaid and super heavy user. =) I am a prepaid so I am not entitle for it.

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So, the working hour is 10.30am to 10.30pm, a lot of stand, so do come by and check out Digi. In my own opinion, Digi has got the cheapest Blackberry plan, cheapest unlimited data plan, fastest mobile 3G broadband, nice postpaid plan and good service. I am telling the truth, not just trying to promote Digi, I kinda like how they market their product.

The reason I am on Maxis Mobile Internet because I am using a Maxis business line so if asking me to port to Digi, there will be a lot of procedure and my mom will not want to spend extra time on doing this. So I’ve got no choice.

IMG_5272 by nicholaschan
Ee Yan and Lit Chen who were working for Celcom’s.

Celcom? Think again. =D

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