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Hiking And Helping Out A Kids Camp

Have not been to hiking for a while already. Recently, Merritt invited me to hiking at Penang Municipal Park, also known as Youth Park for most people, and then I started to go hiking again. Woo. Hiking is fun because can see the green, breath in fresh air and also take a nice view of the city from high.

Zez Chien

Hock Sheng, the one who sat beside me last year and always slept in class.

Yiphing, the flat head.

I went to hiking on one Friday with Yiphing and Arron. Luckily I brought along a camera, so I could record down some of our hiking fun in pictures.

So ngam, they wore the same shirt. Arron and Zez Chien.

After some chit chat chit chat with them, we 3 started the hike from the ground to the top which they call it station no 5, Moon Gate. What a lovely name. Haha. There’s actually another hiking trail located in the Botanical Garden which leads up to the top of Penang Hill. I prefer something light and easy though. =)

I can actually see my house from here. LOL.

This is Station 3.

The hike to Moon Gate or Station No 3 which is the station before Moon Gate, there’s a nice platform where you can take a beautiful view of the city whereby if you take the trail up to Penang Hill, you only get to see Penang city when you are on top.

Hock Sheng and Jing Min, classmates for last year. It’s so nice to see them again. Really very very long time didn’t meet again. I wonder what happened when everyone goes to work few years later. OMG.

There’s actually two way that can lead you up to Moon Gate. One is through the hiking trail in Penang Municipal Park, another one is in front of Botanical Garden, which leads you straight up to Moon Gate without stopping at Station 3. My friends who were with the kids were on the other route.

It had been some times I didn’t come up here already. The really last time was like half year ago. My god, miss the moment so much. If you come hiking in the afternoon or evening, there’s nice free food like fried bee hoon can eat. =) Cooked by some frequent hikers.

At the same time, my high school friends was bringing a bunch of kids from a camp to go hiking too. They were the helper for the camp and I automatically joined them and helped them out.

Yong Chieh, basically most of them were my classmate during Form 5 last year. I miss my high school life, serious, all the shouting and not doing homework and talking about girls. Ah.

Jin Sheng, always call him Da Ge which means big brother.

We were up there early so we sit down and chit chat again while waiting for the little children to come up. My friend, Jing Min had a pack of food, he left it on the table and came to talk with us, a minute later, it’s gone and it’s seen snatched by a naughty monkey up there. So be careful with you food, keep it hidden else they will come snatching for you. They become notorious when there’s little people at there.

h Geog. Geoffrey who now has a girlfriend already. What’s-her-name-again? Sorry. =(

Wei Huai with one of the girl’s barbie doll. There’s one funny kid who brought a dog up, and in fact it’s a toy dog and he said want to bring the dog up and look around. Haha.

Morning stretching and exercise. =) Good for health. Don’t sit so much in front of the computer or else you will have big ass like me. Haha.

Yiphing with the barbie now.

Just join the fun with them, chit chat, talk jokes with the little kids and I helped them to take group photographs. It was fun because the kids were so cute, but some very playful. Haha. Most of the kids were banana, so they don’t really speak Mandarin. Ahhhh, I strongly recommend you send your children to learn Mandarin, dear parents. No why, it’s just a must. =)

Ernie in the middle.

Jia Ying here, my primary school friend.

Andy, the kapster in school.

Okok, you are funny, a bit. HAHA, and you successfully caught my attention.

Yong Chieh.

Zhao Qin.

Big big group photo. Although I am not really an official helper, but I still get to take a group photo with them. Haha. Spot for me.

You are suppose to see Joanne, my primary school mate in the photo but she was busy making a stubborn boy look at the camera, and still failed in the end. Really stubborn. Then you see that Hock Sheng again. =)

Due to time problem, I didn’t join my friend to go down the hill together, instead, I went down with Yiphing and Arron again and we went for brunch. And the afternoon was a sleeping afternoon for me because the midnight of the day was the RM1 karaoke with the guy. Haha.

Woo. Fun.

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