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Town Stimboat and Next Three Days Outing

I don’t know why I was so obsessed with the word “Stim” lately and they as in my friends invited me for steamboat which I keep spelling it as STIMBOAT. STIM-BOAT. Stim has many meaning, one means high (as in sexually aroused) and one means blur, and my meaning is more on the blur part. Haha. So last last week, Arron, Simon Hong, Chien Chern and Zez Chien invited me to go “stimboat” dinner and also to watch Next Three Days at Gurney Plaza.

Yeah, it was a fun day because it had been some times I go out with my secondary school friends which I usually mixed with. Now everyone is studying in different college and it’s kinda hard to meet up and go out together like during last time. Last time we attend class together and go places together, but now, everything has changed, everyone busy with their own stuff already. Me too have my stuff to do.

This is saddening sometimes. But I really really hope we can keep in touch for a long long time. Friendship should last forever IMO, but it doesn’t seems to be. But anyway, let’s talk about what we did.

We meet up at Gurney Plaza to catch a movie and there’s not many movie to watch. We picked The Next Three Days. The movie is kinda cool I tell you, it’s prison break, and that’s all. A little bit boring at the front part but the movie get interesting after then. A good watch.

Then we went to “stimboat” at our usual steamboat place which is the Town Steamboat Restaurant at Macalister Rd. It’s a steamboat buffet. Surprisingly, we stopped eating after we were really full because usually when we go there, we will eat until over-full-full, but this time was different. Just nice-full then we stopped.

After that, we went to take a walk at Straits Quay and went back home to sleepy. =)

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