Christmas Decoration at Bukit Bintang

Showing you some random photos taken at Bukit Bintang at night 2 weeks ago while on a walk with my parents. They came to Kuala Lumpur to visit me and fetch me back to Penang together. Yoyoyo, yes I am in Penang, for 2 weeks already. Rocks!

Some sort of AIDS Aware event was going on that day.

Lot 10 has became boring to me already. But you should check out the new walkway outside, kinda nice. =)

Very crowded that day, probably because of school holiday. Walking was pretty difficult, they should make a better pedestrian walkway IMO.

Nice Christmas decoration outside Pavilion. Not really have the mood for shopping because all the stuff look same to me and I have no buying list at that moment, and one thing is that the Malaysian Sale isn’t really a big deal. Just a small discount which available many times throughout the years. Hmm. They should have something like Black Friday sale in the US. Woo. Rocks.

I love Malaysia. Haha. Very random I know, and good night for now. =D

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