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Bangkok: Talad Rot Fai – Retro Train Night Market

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Bangkok Trip: Talad Rot Fai – Retro Train Night Market – I believe many visitor to Bangkok does not aware of this night market that’s called Talad Rot Fai, included me until I found it on CNNGo website. Talad Rot Fai, also known as Talad Dek Naew or in English – the Train Market is a night market that features retro stuff, antiques, second hand clothing and also a hangout place for Thai’s retro hipster.

“Talad” means market and “Rot Fai” means train in Thai which reflects the venue which is actually an abandoned train warehouse and tracks.

It was kinda hard to communicate with the taxi driver about this place even I showed him a map of the location, many of the taxi drivers are not from Bangkok itself and not really familiar with all of the road in Bangkok. I told him about Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station, somewhere near there then he brought us there. Sucking blood, he charged 250Baht for the trip.

Anyway, forget about the cab driver, he brought us there safe and sound. I was pretty worried it didn’t open or not exist as I couldn’t find much info about it on the Internet. When I saw the light and sound of Thai, I became excited and found many people going in and out of the “Talad Rot Fai” train night market.

Bangkok: Talad Rot Fai - Retro Train Night Market

The Talad Rot Fai is actually located near to Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station, so it’s easier to take the MRT here and then you walk towards west of the station, which is also the way away from Chatuchak Weekend Market.

A little bit history about this train market is that it’s started off 2 years back in 2010. It was just an abandoned warehouse and railway track and Rod’s Antique rented the place to sell antique stuff. Rod’s Antique was actually located near to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Then Rod’s invited many vendors to sell stuff at here for free. When it was free, there’s not much stalls and vendors, but once they started collecting rental, more and more vendors come in. Funny right.

This train market sells a lot of 2nd hand retro stuff, clothing, antique and has many modified Volkswagen van which then turned into a mini vehicle bar playing retro music, offering beer and other beverage. You can find some cool artsy futsy printed tee here as well as some nice retro home decor.

Mom dislike second hand clothing, but those clothing looks as good as new. I find this place quite interesting because it’s a retro theme night market. Many youngster dress up in retro fashion too! What I like the most is the Volkswagen modified van which I feel it’s very cool.

Deep in the warehouse is outlets of different antique shops including Rod’s.

You may also grab a beer and sit at one of the outdoor bistro too. We walked for about 2 hours at there, explored, only then we headed back to the hotel.

Talad Rot Fai / Talak Dek Naew / Train Market is opens on Saturday and Sunday from 5pm. Get there as late as 8pm when all the stalls are out in full force.

To get to the Talad Rot Fai, take the MRT to Kampaeng Phet Station. Get out at exit 3 (Or Tor Gor Market) then cross the road and walk about 450 meters west on Kampaeng Phet Road, away from Chatujak Market. For a map (in Thai) click here.


Click here for more posts about my Bangkok Trip.

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